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"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."



 President of Renue Life Insurance Agency, LLC.

Joe De Leon is responsible for running all aspects of the business. He has a proven executive management track record with over 19 years of experience developing companies, and driving sales teams in various industries. Growing up in Michigan, he started a successful landscaping company at the age of 16.
Later, he moved to south Texas and built a marketing company, ultimately servicing clients nationwide. His father was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 54 and passed shortly thereafter. Joe was left wondering how credit, debt, and life insurance can impact the surviving family members.

He immersed himself in the financial services industry, focused on credit services, life insurance, and learned how it could have extended his father's life. He made it his mission and now his profession to educate as many families as possible. Mr. Joe De Leon is a genuine self-made entrepreneur.



Vice President of Renue Life Insurance Agency, LLC.

Johnathan Espindola is Vice President of Renue Life Insurance Agency with over 10 years of experience in sales, management and operations.  He joined Renue Financial in 2019 as an Agent and quickly rose through the ranks due to his strong work ethic and innovative thinking. With a passion for life insurance and deep understanding of clients' needs, Johnathan has become a trusted advisor and driving force in the industry. He oversees all aspects of the Life Insurance Division and brings a visionary approach to his work, always seeking new ways to deliver value to clients and to Renue Financial. Johnathan is a professional who consistently raises the bar in the industry, making him a valuable asset to Renue Financial and the clients he serves.

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